Green Rabbit

The Green Rabbit project is all about providing you prosperity, tranquility, and good fortune in 2023. 

About Green Rabbit

The Green Rabbit is a meme token project that originates from the concept of the Chinese zodiac, a system of assigning a specific animal to each year in a repeating 12-year cycle. In 2023, the year of the rabbit is the Chinese year 4720. This is also why we have a total supply of 4,720,000 tokens. According to the Chinese zodiac, the year of the rabbit is believed to be a time of prosperity, tranquility, and good fortune.

Our team wanted to launch on the Alvey Chain, because we found inspiration in a Japanese folktale “Rabbit’s Wish”. This is about a rabbit who is granted a wish by a god in return for saving the God’s life. The rabbit uses his wish to ask for the ability to speak and is then able to communicate with the other animals in the forest, including the elves. The Team of Green Rabbit wishes to honour also Naur, the founder of Alvey Chain. We think of Naur as intelligent, compassionate, and hardworking – just like people born in the year of the rabbit are thought to be. The year of the rabbit is often seen as a time of positive change and growth. We strongly believe that the Alvey Chain represents a new hope, a positive change, growth for crypto in general.

$GRAB the opportunity and jump into the green circle and explore the Alvey Chain Metaverse later this year together with the green rabbit.

Metaverse Treasury

The concept of a treasure hunt in the Alvey Chain metaverse can be a fun activity for a number of reasons. First, it can be an engaging and immersive experience as investors explore virtual environments and search for clues and items. Additionally, the element of competition and the excitement of potentially finding a prize can add to the enjoyment of the activity. The social aspect of playing with others can also contribute to the fun, as players can work together or compete against each other to find the treasure. Overall, treasure hunts in the metaverse can provide a unique and entertaining form of entertainment for our investors.

Incorporating Easter eggs as part of a treasure hunt in the Alvey Chain metaverse is on the roadmap this Easter. In the context of a metaverse treasure hunt, Easter eggs can be hidden clues or items that our investors need to find in order to progress in the hunt for prizes. The element of surprise and the challenge of discovering the Easter eggs can add to the enjoyment of the activity. Additionally, Easter eggs often have a sense of whimsy and playfulness to them, which can further contribute to the fun of the treasure hunt.


Contract Address


4,720,000,000 GRAB


Buy / Sell Tax






Staking & Farming pools

DEX Supply

100,000,000 GRAB

Burned Tokens


Max wallet

4,000,000 GRAB (per wallet)

Max Buy

4,000,000 GRAB (can be in one tx)

Max Sell

2,000,000 GRAB (in one tx)



• Establish Core team
• Establish Marketing team
• Established Raid/shill team
• Established Telegram community
• Established Socials
• Established Website
• Contract development and deployment


• Private Sale Gempad
• Contract Audit/KYC
• Hyperlaunch Gempad
• Launch with Elves Swap
• Influencer push
• Based Telegram AMAs
• Community driven push and meme contest
• CMC Application
• CG Application


• Partnerships with popular social media influencer
• Farming pools and staking
• DEX listings
• Partnerships announcements
• Collaborate meme creators and artists
• Social media advertising


• Large Influencer push
• Alvey Chain Metaverse Treasure Hunt
• More community-driven memes competitions
• CMC listing
• CG listing
• Trending services
• Exchange listings
• Website V2 - meme-themed landing page
• Logo on Metamask and TW

The Moon

•• Update Roadmap
• Multichain bridging
• Webpage V3

How To Buy

Step 1

Buy Alvey on BSC or ETH chain: This is the address you search up the correct wALV token with: 0x256d1fce1b1221e8398f65f9b36033ce5 0b2d497 We do this because you first need wALV at either ETH or BSC before you can bridge it to ALV.
Before you will be able to buy the GRAB at the ElvesDEX later on.

Step 2

When you have the wALV from either ETH or BSC: – Bridge wALV (bep20 or erc20) To ALV (AlveyChain): You can do this at https://alveybridge.com/

This will move the wALV token from the ETH or BSC chain into the native ALV chain where you will be able to buy GRAB.

Step 3

When you are done with buying the wALV, you need to add the ALV chain to your metamask:

Add ALV to Metamask:
Network Name: AlveyChain
RPC URL: https://rpc.alvey.io/rpc
Chain ID: 3797
Currency: ALV
Block explorer: https://alveyscan.com/

When this is complete you should be able to choose Alveychain from the chain list at Metamask. You can also look at our https://medium.com/@greenrabbit2023 for more info.

Step 4

Now you should have ALV chain at your Metamask. And you should be able to use the Elvesdex just like you do with Uniswap or Pancakeswap.

Enjoy your trading and welcome to our Green Rabbit!

Our Team

The Manager | Founder

The Manager has a long track record working in the IT industry. He has been in the Crypto space since 2017. He started his own closed TG community back in 2018, “Scandinavian Crypto Pubtalk”. Also now providing his own call channel “The Managers Calls” for projects on Alvey Chain, BSC and ETH. He has been a founder of a couple of BSC projects before and he`s also doing some strategic Advisory work for core teams in Crypto projects. Christmas meme and a charity project.

Tom | Developer lead

Tom is not publically doxxed, but has contributed as Developer in previous projects toghether with the Manager. He also got huge success in the last bull cycle with BabyBake token, that got to 6M MCAP in less than 24 hours! Tom started off in the Cryptospace late 2020.

CVI - Community Manager

CVI works in the Oil and Gas industry as an Operation Supervisor, that got into Crypto DeFi in 2019. He started out with a call group finding legit projects for this community. Continued on as a moderator in various degen projects, before starting the MNG project with a few others. He`s been with them as an Admin for almost 2 years. Worked on expanding social media into discord server creation. CVI also got 15 years experience trading on Stock Market Exchanges etc.

Matt | Dev & Contract deployment

Matt is a solidity developer and founder behind the TrueDefi token and their swapper contract solutions. He has a long track record also the Crypto space, since late 2017 with his “Rebel Traders” community.

David | Social Media Manager

David has 10+ years in B2C/Direct Sales. Got into the Crypto Space back in 2019. After doing extensive research/joining communities/meeting others in the space, he started working for several projects including (Axie Infinity, Pitbull Token, FEG, SafeMoon, Squidworld, Project Onyx and Katana Inu). His hobbies are: Gaming, Graphic Design, Song Writing and Video editing. Essentially, the 3 important qualities of customer service center around three “p”s: professionalism, patience, and a “people-first” attitude.



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It is important for you as a potential crypto investor to be aware of the risks associated with investing in any type of cryptocurrency, including meme tokens. Cryptocurrencies and meme tokens can be highly volatile, and the value of these assets may fluctuate significantly. There is also the risk of fraud or scams in the cryptocurrency industry.

The Team of Green Rabbit are not in any way responsible for using a DEX and investing in our token. I advise you to do your own research. It is important for you as individuals to carefully consider any investment decisions and to thoroughly research the specific investment opportunity before making a commitment. This includes understanding the risks and potential returns associated with the investment, as well as the team and new technology behind the project. It is also important to diversify one’s investment portfolio and to only invest what one can afford to lose. Investing in a meme project is not a financial advice and may not be a suitable or advisable investment for everyone.